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Andreas Brehme: Lengends in FIFA 17
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The Legends are some of the best players of all time. They're an Xbox (360 & One) exclusive content due to a contract between Microsoft and EA Sports. Since these cards represent the best moment of a footballer's career, some of them cost quite a lot. Legends are available on the transfer market and can also be found in packs. The chemistry between players is a crucial point in order for you to overcome your opponent's team. In that sense, the Legends have a positive impact on your game experience for they represent greater possible team variations, this way you don't have to worry as much about chemistry. For FIFA 17 be on sale, if you want to buy fut 17 coins, pay attention our website, as well as discounts surprises waiting for you.

And what were the remarkable moments of this player's career? Andreas Brehme played for 5 clubs as a professional footballer: 1. FC Saarbrücken (80-81), 1. FC Kaiserslautern (81-86), Bayern Munich (86-88), Internazionale (88-92), Real Zaragoza(92-93) and 1. FC Kaiserslautern once again (93-98). There were two particularly emblematic moments along his journey: Andy won the Italian national league playing for Internazionale in 88-89 and won in two consecutive years two divisions of the German league for 1. FC Kaiserslautern. The first title got the club out of a 9 years period without titles and also gave Andreas Brehme the award of best player of the year in the Serie A. Then, his biggest achievement: winning Germany's third World Cup title. One crucial goal to level up the semifinal and one converted penalty in the final were enough to carve Andy's name in the history of football.

His great appearances for both Internazionale and the German national team in the 89-90 season got him on the third position for the Balon d'Or award, hosted by France Football magazine. So what his rating will be in FIFA 17? Now more latest FIFA 17 news you can find at Here for more FIFA 17 fun.




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