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[06/07/16 07:40AM]
Wigan Atheltic Attempt before FIFA 17
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Seeing as FIFA 17 is getting closer and I have been just running through CM's with any and everyone, I've decided to try one last RTG with Wigan Atheltic. While I am trying to maintain some realism (buying almost exclusively Brit's and loaning a ton early) . FIFA 17 is coming soon, if you need fifa 17 xbox one coins, our site must be your best choice. I customized the squads a bit and transferred away a lot of my better players so Wigan was more "down to par" with League 2. Withthat being said here are the players that I brought in during the first summer window.

ST: Adam Armstrong (n'castle/coventry) LM: Oduwa (spurs) CM: Ledson (everton/cambridge) RLC (chelsea) Ajer (IK start) CB: Cargil (bournemouth) full backs: Browning (everton) borthwick-jackson (ManU on loan)

Armstrong has been immense so far 6 games in. I played 3 games before I signed him up and the difference in the teams quality with him on the field is so obvious. Oduwa has been nice, and so has Browning. Ajer has been a bit off but his height and versatility really is necessary as we are super thin depth wise, especially at the back. Oddly enough he did really well at CB when i put him there due to fitness reasons.

Team is currently 2 and a 1/2 stars. Some targets that I'm considering right now are Blacket from Celtic, Hoban from Watford, and Pereira from ManU, with Pereira being primarily a loan option.

I'm also kind of trying to have as many players with real faces in the squad as I can. Slightly limiting but at the same time its been fun playing with a team of distinguishable stars and not the typical generic faces. Welcome to leave comments below.

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