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FIFA 17 Demo Information Update
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You've probably seen the FIFA 17 demo in action at EA Play. E3 and soon to be Gamescom 2016 from August 17th 21st. But two questions remain, when will the FIFA 17 demo be available to download and what are the features? For the upcoming FIFA 17 series, we will prepare the cheapest fifa 17 points. More information for FIFA 17 demo you can get below.

The FIFA 17 demo will be a snippet of the full game. It's designed to show users what the full game will be like. The features are limited in most respects and your progress will not carryover from the demo into the full game.

Release Dates 

As we've detailed for quite some time now, we're predicting the FIFA 17 demo will be released September 13th, 2016. However, looking at previous years it's evident that this date will fluctuate based on your console, Xbox Live membership type and region. Last year, the FIFA 16 demo released from September 8th 10th, 2015. This shows that there can be up to 2 days difference in the release time for FIFA 17.

Xbox Membership

The following times are estimated for both the Xbox One and Xbox 360. UK times listed are Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), US times are Pacific Time (PT). Unlike the PSN store, it appears that when there is a new update pushed through to Xbox Live, it becomes live within the store fairly quickly.

Xbox Live Gold Worldwide

UK: Tuesday, September 13th, 2016 at 10am GMT.
US: Monday, September 12th, 2016 at 11pm PT.

Xbox Live Silver Worldwide

Exactly one week later for Xbox Live Silver membership holders.

UK: Tuesday, 20th September, 2016 at 10am GMT.
US: Monday, 19th September, 2016 at 11pm PT.

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