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David Silva FIFA 17 Rating Prediction
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David Silva takes part in one of the most individually talented front fours in the league. Who better than Sergio Aguero, Sterling, Silva and Kevin de Bruyne? It's magical. For the upcoming FIFA 17 series, we will prepare cheap fifa 17 points, Now pay attention our website, as well as discounts surprises waiting for you. His rating will be: 

David Silva /// Manchester City /// Predicted FIFA 17 rating: 87 /// FIFA 16 rating: 86

Silva, right next to Aguero, has been one of the best big money signings in Manchester City oil-rich history. He's been worth every penny and more as the 30-year-old gets ready to embark on his seventh campaign in light blue.

The Spaniard has made 261 appearances in those six full seasons in Manchester, scoring 43 goals for someone who is a pass first player. Last season Silva averaged an assist every other game, with 11 in 22 Premier League starts. He added a pair of goals. Despite it being his season with his fewest starts, he had his second highest assist tally, second only to his second season in Manchester where he had 15 assists.

Silva was given a harsh rating of 86 in FIFA 16 and deserves to be higher in FIFA 17 and he deserves to be an 87, placing him in the upper echelon of players in the world, as reflected in FIFA.

Next season, Silva's skills will fit in perfectly with new manager Pep Guardiola's pass and move system. He was born to play under a manager like Guardiola. Silva will typify the ideals of Guardiola and will implement them at the highest level.

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