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Advice for FIFA 17 League Changes
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With a huge cost that negatively affects the transfer budget for multiple seasons. Ability to move from a smaller generic stadium to a bigger one when having been promoted multiple leagues. FIFA 17 League need to add and be more completed. At the same time, we are the best fifa coins seller. Now pay attention our website, as well as discounts surprises waiting for you oh.

1.League specific menu music, I'd love for latin music (both pop and traditional) to be played during the menu when I use a Latin league, or a British band/musician playlist when I do a career mode in England or Scotland and so on, it would never happen but would provide a unique feel to each region.

2.Business affairs of the club, allocating money to the transfer budget or upgrading facilities, hiring better trainers (which would lower chances of injury and shorten recovery) and such

3.More leagues, enough to have a Champions Cup on each continent. With the addition of the J-League and hopefully the Chinese Super League the game needs an Asian Champions League. MLS should be included in the games "Copa Latin America" to give MLS careers some depth as well. Other leagues to include are the full Greek league rather than just the 3 clubs they have, the rest of the Ukrainian league, the Chinese Super League (as I mention above) and the South African Premier League (I hate we can't play a career in every continent). Also, the inclusion of more clubs in the Rest of World section to fill out Champions Cups. APOEL (Cyprus), Plzen and Sparta (Czech), Steaua (Romania), Bate (Belarus), Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia), Tel Aviv (Israel), Persepolis (Iran), Kano (Nigeria), Takzim (Malaysia), Mazembe (Congo) would all be huge additions to add to the amount of players and add to Champions Cups.

4.Ability to apply to any club at any time, the more a club is struggling the more likely you'll be hired.

If you have any ideas, welcome to leave comments below. Now more information you can find at Here for more fifa 17 fun!




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