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Personal Understandings of FIFA Chemsitry
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In a fighting game, you know what moves do what, but do you know exactly how much damage a head kick does? What about if your opponent is moving into the kick, or out of it? Of course not. Also if you want to buy fifa 17 coins, you can visit our site. In real life, you know, at least conceptually, how to do a standing roundhouse kick. But in real life, there is no way to numeral-ize the amount of damage a head kick does.

I think the same thing applies to FIFA chemsitry. Chemistry in real life isn't something that can be quantified to a perfect numerical extent. You know that teams that get along do better, and teams that don't have a harder time winning games. I think that EA tried as best they could to emulate that same kind of thing. Teams that know and like each other build good team chemistry, and those teams have an easier time working together on the game because they know enough about each other to share a common goal. Teams with players that hate each other, or maybe to a lesser extent, don't know each other, have a harder time doing well because the players can't work together as well.

Again, I think that what EA tried to do with chemistry is to emulate that same real-world aspect that is so hard to quantify. In the same way that you can't tell exactly how much damage a fighter has taken from a punch, because of all the little details that go into it, I think that chemsitry in FIFA was made to be something that isn't able to be numerically understood like stats are. In real teams, there are so many aspects that go into building a team that knows and trusts each other, from singular personalities, to language barriers, to passion for the game, and you can't possibly hope to completely understand why a team with good chemistry plays together better than a team with bad chemistry, and I think that that is what EA tried to do with FIFA chemistry. Emulate an aspect of real life that is so hard to quantify, and they came up with a numerical system that can, to some extent, emulate that aspect of the real world football.

And I think good players on bad chem are still better than bad players on good chem. All above are for reference only, free to leave comments below. Now all can be find in Here for more fifa 17 fun!




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