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FIFA 17 Companion App Guides
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Having already detailed the release date of the FIFA 17 Web App, many of you will be wanting to know more about the FIFA 17 Companion App. You'll be able to stay connected to FIFA Ultimate Team on the move via your iOS, Android or your Windows Phone device when downloading the FIFA 17 Companion App. Our website  offers cheap fifa 17 coins , that can help you build your game better equipped and faster in the game.And this guide will tell you fifa 17 companion app in details.

The EA Sports FIFA 17 Companion App for iOS, Android and Windows Phone enables you to manage your FUT 17 account from anywhere in the world, providing you are connected to the internet. Whether you're playing FIFA 17 for the Xbox One, 360, Playstation 4, PS3 or PC, you can access the FUT Transfer Market, build your squads, purchase FIFA packs or start a FUT Draft right from your handheld device. That won't be all though, more features will be confirmed very soon!

Release Date

Historically the FUT Companion App launches at the same time as the FUT Web App. Therefore, as previously mentioned in our FIFA 17 Web App article, you can expect the FIFA 17 Companion App to launch around Sunday, September 18th, 12am UK.

Download & Installation

To be eligible to use the FIFA 17 Companion App you need have an EA account connected to FIFA 17 via your Xbox One, 360, Playstation 4, PS3 or PC. Your EA Account serves as an all-access pass to everything EA, from mobile apps, websites, to your console and PC games. You will also need to have a FUT club and must have played a number of games to unlock transfer market functionality via the app. You will need to start on the web app before you can access the companion app.

Have you already downloaded the FIFA 16 Companion App? An update will be available on the release date which will transition it to FIFA 17. In the days leading to this update the FIFA 16 app will be shut off in preparation.

The predicted release date is September 18th, 2016. Alternatively, you can search‘EA Sports FIFA 17 Companion' in the Apple App, Google Play or Windows Store.

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