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FIFA 17 Career Mode Assumptions
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FIFA 17 is coming in September and we're looking forward the New Career Mode. And here are my assumptions for FIFA 17 Career Mode.

1.Scenario Mode

The life of a football manager is as varied as it is cut-throat. With the opportunity to start a job from scratch with clean expectation slate, a real rarity in the modern game. Just this season Big Sam has picked up a hapless Sunderland side on the brink, as has Remi Garde at Aston Villa. But those scenario's are what make football management great, and it's about time Career Mode captured some of that to compliment it's very clean approach to taking the reigns at a new club. 
Wouldn't it be great if you started up Career Mode, and had the option to take over at Aston Villa after 10 games, rock-bottom of the league. Or Chelsea in their current predicament. Or a sleeping giant like Nottingham Forest, so long out of the limelight, that the memories of Clough and European glory are no more than distant memories. 
Career Mode has great pulling power as it is, in terms of providing FIFA's most authentic footballing experience. But with more variety and just a sprinkling of challenge to it's current framework, it could provide some really compelling reasons to play beyond taking your supported club through the motions. And EA need to look no further than the real world for inspiration.

2.CPU AI - Team Styles

I feel like a broken record, but here I am again championing CPU AI as what I see as "the" fundamental improvement that Career Mode needs to really shine as a management sim. FIFA 16 in fairness, has the best AI we've seen for some time in terms of AI behaviour, but that's fairly luke warm praise based on the previous games. 
FIFA 16's AI may indeed be better, but it's behavioural triggers are so obvious and contrived that they may as well be plastered across the screen saying "Attack Mode Engaged". The AI's cues are almost solely based around the scoreline, in which if behind in the 70th minute they'll go all long ball, and if ahead they'll drop deep. Both natural reactions for sure, but intelligence, it is not.
Career Mode needs variety, in its stories, transfers, and systems, but above all others, it needs it on the pitch. Teams should cross the white line with a game plan in mind, and that should be a reflection of their AI manager. Who right now, are nothing more than text on a screen, and blue suited avatar. There's just nothing there which feels markedly different game to game. And as such there is no sense of managerial rivalry. 
It may seem on the surface entirely disconnected from Career Mode, but the way the game's AI plays it's football both in terms of style, and tactics is beyond doubt, the sole enabler of Career Mode becoming FIFA's premier experience. 

3.Transfer Depth

EA did a wonderful job of overhauling Career Mode's transfer systems post Manager Mode, but the current framework has grown somewhat stale over the years. It's foundations are strong, but what it doesn't accommodate are the many real world intricacies which make football transfers tick these days.
Buy-out clauses, sell-on fee's, buy-back clauses to name just a few are now so common place, that every iteration Career Mode doesn't support them, becomes even more galling each time. And that's before they've even got player trades working both ways, rather than just player to AI. There's a whole host of changes which could bring much needed depth to Career Mode's transfers and it wouldn't just be icing on the cake either. Transfers are the best thing about any football management mode bar none, and as such the time spent to implement increased depth would be well worth the effort.

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