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29/06/16 10:47AM
Analysis of Petition for a Refund in FIFA
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I've heard of that there's a Petition for a Refund in FIFA. I read the petition. It's not likely that a refund will be awarded in any scenario, and the wording of the petition is easily arguable. At the same time, for the fifa 17 is upcoming, we are a professional website online sales of fifa coins...


28/06/16 09:51AM
FIFA 17 Ratings and Legends Predictions
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FIFA 17 is coming soon. The FIFA 17 Ratings Reveal will be your first glimpse into the best players of FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. If you want to buy cheap fifa 17 coins, our site is your first choice. EA will start to roll out the FIFA 17 Ratings announcements in late August, possibly around...


27/06/16 09:05AM
Personal Understandings of FIFA Chemsitry
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In a fighting game, you know what moves do what, but do you know exactly how much damage a head kick does? What about if your opponent is moving into the kick, or out of it? Of course not. Also if you want to buy fifa 17 coins, you can visit our site. In real life, you know, at least conceptually,...


26/06/16 07:49AM
Advice and Italian Serie B in FIFA 17
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My first fifa was back in 98. Why is it so hard to fix the licensing for the Serie B? Every year since i can remember there have been Serie B but never have the teams been licensed. Our website offers the cheapest fifa 17 coins. I don't think any particular league have been like this. How come they...


24/06/16 08:10AM
FIFA 17 Companion App Guides
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Having already detailed the release date of the FIFA 17 Web App, many of you will be wanting to know more about the FIFA 17 Companion App. You'll be able to stay connected to FIFA Ultimate Team on the move via your iOS, Android or your Windows Phone device when downloading the FIFA 17 Companion App. Our website  offers ...


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